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Laura - Manager, Yoga/Pilates

Laura’s greatest passion is to share the heart-centered practice of yoga; providing a safe, supportive and inviting space for participants to practice, focusing on the whole person: encouraging them to follow their intuition and explore what feels right for their own unique body and mind. Her passion for providing a space for others to feel nurtured, held and supported, shines throughout her classes.With specific training in prenatal yoga, Laura offers classes that support pregnant women to balance their energy, connect with their bodies and babies to understand the importance of using the breath and build confidence to birth their babies. 

Ashley- Yoga

Ashley’s passion for sharing the transformative effects yoga can have on the body and mind, shine through in her teachings. She encourages students to surrender to themselves whilst learning how to be present with their experience both in the class, and in everyday life.Her classes aim to teach students how to use the physical practice of yoga, pranayama (breath control) and meditation to let go of stress, anxiety and everyday worries both on and off the mat. Ashley brings elements of fun and lightness to her teaching practice.

Nat - Yoga

Natalie is most passionate about understanding what makes each of us unique, and applying a personal approach to her teaching: tailoring classes to the individual needs, pace and progress of both men and women. Through her own personal and professional experience with mental health, trauma and injuries associated with pregnancy and child birth, Natalie uses the power of yoga to support healing through movement, meditation, breath and philosophy.Natalie left her corporate job 10 years ago, and explored the practice and teachings of Yoga from lineages all over the world including India, Guatemala, Byron Bay and Melbourne. Since then Natalie has studied more than 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training over 6 years: enabling an extensive tool kit for healing through movement, meditation, breath and philosophy.

Denise- Yoga

Denise’s yoga journey began in 2012 as a means to de stress from the demands of balancing life and her studies. Yoga quickly became embedded in her daily life, and she’s never looked back.Ever curious, her favourite past times are ones in which she finds space to evolve & expand. Denise’s current studies and passions lie in Women’s Wellness and Ayurvedic Healing, and she believes a great teacher is one who gives students a direct experience of their inner light. The aim for all her teachings is to encourage students to weave space, presence & awareness into their daily lives.

Brandon -Yoga

Brandon is passionate about teaching new comers to yoga and holding a space for those who may be a little apprehensive stepping onto the mat. Coming to the mat, wherever you may be in life, is a honor to yourself for showing up. For Brandon, yoga has given him a new perspective on life. Each class provides a new chance to slow down the mind and go inside to see where we might be holding ourselves back, to see opportunities to grow and expand on who we are as a person. Yoga is also such a great work out for the physical body, which is just another win. Coming from a construction background, brandon has used yoga as part of his stress management and wellbeing routine. Yoga has been truly transformational, and it is such a blessing to be able to give that gift back to those he guides through a practice. 

Tina - Yoga

 Through Tina’s own personal experience, she developed a unique teaching style which allows participants to drop into an internal journey of self-discovery, through awareness of breath, moving slowly and mindfully providing a much-needed rebalancing of the nervous system. Her classes invite students to surrender and listen to their own innate wisdom with a non-judgemental self-exploration. Tina’s classes work to open the body, creating space for self-healing, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest). By creating these conditions, participants have the opportunity to release deeply held tension in the body and mind, along with any unresolved emotions that are stored and retained in the tissues.

Wilqa -Yoga

Wilqa is gifted at holding space for individuals, allowing them to heal, feel connected, nurtured and supported. She brings this vibration, and connectedness to elements to all of her classes and teaching style. With training in a fusion of practices, such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness, she invites you to explore the benefits these modalities bring as you journey into your own self discovery. During her time in the Andes in Peru, Wilqa discovered the true symbolism of her name: the ancient coming together of community with the intention to heal through traditional practices. 


Natja - Yoga

Natja brings a unique, innovative and creative style to her teaching. Offering a safe, inclusive, relaxing and caring space to support participants in all aspects of their health: bringing together elements that support the mind, body and spirit. Her classes focus on providing nourishment, encouragement, a sense of community and belonging, treating each participant as an individual. With experience exploring many different styles of yoga, including training in yoga therapy counselling, yoga after breast cancer, yoga for kids and children with special needs, as well as lymphatic yoga,  she brings this knowledge to her classes, making them suitable for the beginner right through to experienced yogi.

Sandra- Pilates

Sandra’s approach to Pilates is a holistic one- although geared towards strengthening the core and balancing muscles + joints, the focus, control and breathing required in Pilates allows for mind and body connection; a space where thoughts can come and go with ease as the focus on movement of the body allows for the individual to reconnect with themselves. Having worked with clients of all abilities and backgrounds her approach helps each person to achieve results beyond physical wellbeing – including better quality of sleep, a sense of inner strength and personal transformation.Her classes are open to all male and female clients seeking mental peace and a space to reconnect with themselves. 

Prue – Pilates

Rosie – Yoga/ Pilates

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