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Dynamic Vinyasa
As the name suggests, this is a dynamic and energetic yoga practice that emphasises the connection between movement and breath. Expect to move through a flow of poses, incorporating elements from Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. The class is suitable for students of all levels, with variations and modifications for those wanting to establish a foundation for their practice through to those wanting to grow stronger and challenge themselves in their practice.

Slow Vinyasa
The perfect class for those wanting to take a slower pace than the Dynamic Vinyasa class. Much like the Dynamic Vinyasa, the class develops your connection between the breath and the body, whilst moving through a continuous flow of poses. Poses are often held for longer, with an emphasis on creating balance, strength and flexibility of the body and mind. The gentle nature of this class makes it perfect for both beginners and long-time yogi’s alike.

Gentle Yoga
If a slower pace is more your thing, then you can join Laura or Denise who’ll be teaching these classes. Gentle Yoga offers a brilliant starting point for anyone new to yoga, or those who prefer a more gentle, restorative-style practice. The amazing array of props that we have at Hearts & Minds, including bolsters, blocks and blankets, will be utilised to best effect in order to allow you to get into poses that best support the nourishment of your body. Moving and holding poses with the breath will help you to switch off the ‘Fight or Flight’ response within the body, and instead allow you to access the profound ‘Rest and Restore’ response. This class supports anyone who is recovering from injury or dealing with tension.

Yang/Yin Yoga
Both Denise and Natalie will be teaching these classes. This style offers a balance of dynamic movement and blissful stillness, these classes borrow from the Daoist principles of Yin and Yang; everything in this world working in harmony to maintain equilibrium. These classes will offer nourishment to soft tissues within the body, as well as strengthening the stabilising muscles, all the while practicing mindfulness and mindful breathing.

Hearts & Minds Yoga
Our signature class, taught by Tina (who you’ve already met), Natalie and Natja is our own special brand of heart-centered yoga. In this class you are welcomed no matter your age, body or ability. You’re invited to come as you are – to acknowledge both the perfection and imperfection of what makes us human. This class works on the physical and energetic systems to help release tension and stress in your body, and bring a sense of calm to the mind and balance within.

Ras Yoga
Ras is a Sanskrit word, meaning to feel or to be aware of. Restorative postures, movement, awareness of breath, mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques will leave you feeling relaxed and nourished while learning about yourself. You can practice on the mat, chair or even just visualise the class if physically you are not able to do it at this time. This class is inclusive of all bodies and abilities, from beginner right through to advanced.

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